Renting a car can quickly become complicated when it comes to insurance. Fortunately, this information will help you to see a little more clearly.

All vehicles in use must have compulsory traffic insurance to cover at least third party damage caused by vehicles and persons. The rental rates of Drakula Cars include compulsory car insurance according to the legislation in force, that is to say the insurance of th eoccupants of the vehicle and the coverage towards the third parties. Coverage against damage to the vehicle (CDW) and theft with deductible is included.

A professional vehicle rental company must be in possession of insurance allowing the transfer of the franchise to the customer.

If you are partially or totally responsible of an accident, you will be liable for any damages caused to the rented vehicle up to the deductible set out in the basic contract. The deductible is the amount of damage that is not guaranteed by the insurer, that is, the amount you are still liable for after the damage to the vehicle has been paid for by the insurance.

The deposit left to the lessor when the vehicle is taken over is simply the guarantee for the lessor that the lessee is able to pay the deductible if there was a loss. Deposit is not franchise.

If the amount of the repairs is less than the deductible, the insurer will not pay you anything and the repair costs will be at your expense.

If the amount of the repairs is greater than the deductible, the insurer will pay the amount of the repairs less the amount of the deductible that will be collected by the lessor.

Drakula Cars therefore offers franchise insurance. This is the BASIC COVERAGE you have with a payment and a deposit with your CB. In the event of an accident or loss, SARL Drakula will deduct the amount of the deposit based on the damage caused to the rental vehicle.

The deposit requested varies depending on the vehicle group.

Car rental without deductible and/or deposit comes from Germany. Credit cards are used less than debit cards. Drakula Cars has tried to adapt to this demand. You will find this system in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and many other countries.

How does it work? SARL Drakula Cars itself advances the guarantee/deposit of the request vehicle Because renting a car must be accessible to as many people as possible while offering the lowest possible price, Drakula Cars now offers most offers for renting a car without necessarily having a credit card, with or without a deductible, with or without guarantee/guarantee.

DEPOSIT + FRANCHISE 50% is a supplement to reduce the franchise by 50%. By opting for this protection the customer benefits from a refund of 50% of the deductible covering diffrent levels : collision, theft, underbody and roof... This franchise reduction service remains in most cases much cheaper than subscribing to additional coverage.

The deposit requested remains unchanged.

DEPOSIT + DAMAGE WAIVER is a franchise buyout. To avoid having to bear such financial risks, it may be interesting to have this risk covered by an optional supplementary insurance. Depending on the type of option chosen, the optional insurance may partially pay for the deductible. The franchise buyback will allow you to protect yourself permanently without having to reimburse the costs. The majority of leasers call this option “franchise buyback”. This is an optional supplementary insurance that allows you to pay only a limited amount of deductible in the event of a car accident or theft. The partial redemption considerably reduces the share of the deductible to be settled in the event of an accident or theft. Thanks to the franchise buyback, you will benefit from total protection for any eventuality. In case of claims on the vehicle not covered by the deductible refund or unforeseen events such as a fine, Drakula Cars will send you the invoice. Coverage for damage and theft are included in the rental cost as the maximum amount of deductible. When choosing the CONFORT+ cover, forget about any deductible as any damage is covered (except in case of negligence or deliberate fault).

The deposit requested remains unchanged.

NO DEPOSIT + DAMAGE WAIVER, is an increase including the redemption of franchise. Once the conditions of franchise agreed between the tenant and the lessor the problem of the surety remains present. At most of the renters, if any, in addition to the extra charges/day, the tenant had to leave a cash deposit. Very penalizing for the person not being in possession of debit card or limited budget. At Drakula we passed on our annual repair/maintenance costs and expenses to the cost/day.

The deposit requested is void.

Don't hesitate to consult the page «Terms and conditions» for more information.

EXAMPLES of incidents/accidents not supported by our insurance

Damage to third party or rental vehicle due to negligence or inappropriate driving.

Puncture, lack of fuel, refuelling with the wrong kind of fuel...

Loss of child seat.

Loss/damage/loss of keys, antennas, jack, safety triangles and vests, windscreen wipers, fuel cap, trunk trays or any other fixed or mobile part of the vehicle.

Damage to the vehicle’s engine due to negligence.

Stolen vehicle with lost keys.

Any damage to the vehicle or to persons caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Fines levied due to non compliance with traffic laws when renting the vehicle are the driver's sole responsibility. If you are fined, an administrative management fee of € 30 will apply.

Loss/damage/theft of personal effects.

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